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Core Strengths is based on powerful yet simple approaches to helping individuals and teams develop the awareness and skills they need to build more effective personal and professional relationships. It helps them sustain those relationships by understanding the underlying motivations of themselves and others under two conditions – when things are going well and when there is conflict. This dynamic and powerful way of looking at the motives that drive behaviors aids in building effective communication and productive work relationships.

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) digs into what motivates or drives your individual behavior, be it people, performance or process. The 20-page report focuses on how you express these motives under two conditions — when things are going well and when in conflict. As you work through your specific results, you will learn how to better relate to others, prevent unproductive conflict and improve performance.




The Strengths Portrait explores how you rely on your individual strengths to interact with others and accomplish your goals. This 15-page report integrates your SDI results to connect your behavior with your motives. These insights will help you choose the most effective response in any situation, so you can improve working relationships and meet your business’ needs.

The Overdone Strengths Portrait assessment identifies which strengths you tend to misapply, and how those overdone strengths can damage your work and relationships. The 8-page report ranks how frequently you overdo certain strengths, and offers specific ways to manage your strengths for more positive results.

The Feedback Editions of the SDI, Strengths Portrait, and Overdone Strengths Portrait help facilitate conversations about performance. Each report is tailored to the individual — identifying blind spots, areas for improvement and how others perceive his or her strengths. This kind of practical feedback leads to more thoughtful interactions and positive changes in perception and behavior. The end result is healthier relationships and a more collaborative, productive team.

The Expectations Editions of the SDI and Strengths Portrait encourage focused conversations between leaders, managers and team members to set clear expectations and cultivate satisfying collaboration. Expectations are an important and often overlooked part of work. Every person has expectations about how projects should run, how managers should lead, how employees should perform. Understanding these expectations is key to workplace satisfaction. Failure to communicate expectations can lead to conflict, disappointment, and anger — translating into disengaged employees and neglected work.

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