Puneet Jaiswal

Engineer at Lyft


This session was very insightful. I learned how motives, behaviors, and personality are related and how an individual can be more effective by applying different approaches in collaboration. 

Steve Mejia

Chief Financial Officer at Northwestern Mutual


Dr. Eric Rodriguez is passionate and dedicated to helping his clients achieve personal and professional growth. He has a wide range of experience and expertise in leadership development/coaching that's made a great impact on me. He brings a diverse set of skills that would benefit a wide variety of organizations.

David Benavides

Executive Director at KidWorks


I liked most that the training provided me with some very practical insights into myself, my strengths, and how I relate to others on my team.

Mario Rodriguez

Chairman at Hispanic 100 Foundation


Dr. Eric Rodriguez recently led a TotalSDI workshop for our Hispanic 100 Foundation Mentor Program. Our mentees are all college students between the ages of 18 and 24. This workshop provided an irreplaceable opportunity for our students to understand the vast realm of various personalities and behaviors, and how each work uniquely with and against each other. This experience provided a hands-on approach in allowing them to fully understand how they can best maximize the potential within their personal, professional, and social relationships.


Our mentees are all active, independent thinkers, and extremely goal-oriented. The information generated from Dr. Rodriguez’ workshop has exponentially increased their self and social awareness and has further equipped them with the tools necessary to continue on their path as emerging leaders.


I both appreciate and recognize the substantial importance of the TotalSDI training, and am grateful for Dr. Rodriguez’ commitment to our students and community.

Fortino Rivera

Chief Executive Officer at Staffing Solutions


As the CEO of my company, taking the TotalSDI assessment, it helped me confirm my motivational value system and my personality as I had sensed.

Vanessa Gibson

Financial Aid Specialist at Antelope Valley College


The session was very interactive, I really enjoyed the content of the presentation.

Diana Rios

Financial Aid Specialist at Fuller Theological Seminary


What I enjoyed most was finding out what color I was and the colors everyone else turned out to be. It was very interesting and informative. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

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